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Why a custom built door?

Building a door is difficult and building a door of precision and high quality is a real challenge.

Production line doors are not infallible, and use average glues, average woods, average finishes and whatever else is needed to deliver doors to the masses at a price that can't deliver real longevity or quality. No door will really fail in the first or second year no matter how badly it is made, but by the 3rd year you'll know a poor door when you see it. What about in 5 or 10 years?

Why use solid brass bars on a door to create a sunburst pattern, and not hollow tube?  Why use special glues that actually have a guarantee to not shrink or expand?   Why use walnut, rosewood or oak that is sourced rather than stock supplied? And why ask a client where he lives, what direction the door faces and what the climate is like?   Why use hinges that are 50% thicker or have ball-bearings built in?

It's about quality.  How you finish a door should depend on where you live and what conditions the door will face in it's lifetime. Will the door be exposed to direct sun or rain? Snow?   Using glues that actually have a guarantee to not shrink or expand cost 8 times as much as "acceptable glues", but the door will never warp or crack with the proper glue.   Using stock walnut is great if you want average looking wood, but AA grade woods have to be selected and are selected for their quality, lack of flaws, grain pattern and overall appearance. If you've ever felt a quality piece of brass furniture, it's brass will be solid and feel substantial, and not be produced from tube which can be damaged.

A custom door should be a work of art, unique in itself and precisely made for a setting. And it should last.

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A portfolio

Walnut Exterior Door


For a residence in Stamford, CT.  Special walnut with solid brass relief on both sides. 85" tall and 45" wide.

Inlaid black bars in Walnut


At 118" tall and 50" wide, this entry door for a residence in NC required a special construction for the door in order to guarantee it could not warp. Complete with fingerprint ID pad inset in the handle. 

Fire Rated Commercial Doors


Built for a client in California, these doors were fire-rated and have solid bars of aluminum over both sides with a brushed finish. Completed in a custom white color to match the client's interiors.

Crisp and Vibrant


Steel was the choice for this door over a blue specified by the customer for a residence in 

Palm springs. The next image shows the interior in a different color.

Matched for the Interior


The client required a 2-color door and here in the interior in white. 



Produced for a hotel, these custom produced handles were made from Naval Brass and greet the guests as they enter. 

Interior Bedroom Entry

Time for relaxation. Moving away from the bright colors, we seek deep and darker colors to help us s

If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.

Crafted Brass


Each bar of architecturally graded brass is individually cut and finished with smooth edges and a meticulous brushed finish before a protective coat of clear is applied. 

The starburst Pattern


Sunburst or starburst? Each door has each bar in different lengths to suit the knob or handle position as well as the width of the door. No two doors are ever the same.



Brass and black are amazing bed fellows for design, providing a sleek look that is timeless.